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0.6/1kV Armored Low Voltage Power Cable

Armored Low Voltage Power Cable

Packing: Coiled or discoiled cables should be wound neatly and packed properly. Cable reels shall comply with the provisions of JB/T 8137-1999. The cable end should be reliably sealed, and the cable end protruding from the outside of the disk should be covered with a protective cover, and the extension length is less than 300mm.

The label indicates: manufacturer's name, model, specification, rated voltage, length, quality, date of manufacture, standard number or certification mark, correct rotation direction of the cable reel, etc.

Transport: transport generally in the form of vehicles and ships. The cable must be securely fixed during transport to avoid damage to cables or diskettes caused by collision or overturning. The cable tray is not allowed to be laid flat. It is strictly forbidden to drop a cable tray with cables from a height during transportation.

Storage: The finished cable should be stored in an environment with a temperature between 0 and 40 ℃ and a humidity of 85% or less. It should not be exposed to direct sunlight or rain, and should be properly ventilated to keep the environment dry. The cable is stored and used in accordance with the above requirements, and can generally be used for more than 25 years.
Installation instructions: When installing, the ambient temperature should not be lower than 0 °C. If the temperature of the thermometer test environment is lower than 0 °C, the cable should be pre-heat treated before being installed.

The bending radius during the cable laying process should be strictly controlled. The bending radius of the single-core cable should not exceed 20D, and the bending radius of the multi-core cable should not exceed 15D, so as to avoid mechanical damage inside the cable (D is the outer diameter of the cable).

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