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How to Identify the Steel Core Aluminum Stranded Wire?

Steel Core Aluminum Stranded Wire

Although our social economy has been improved to a certain extent, there are still some bad businesses in society, producing and selling some fake and shoddy products. Also the steel core aluminum strands used in our daily life and production have counterfeit products, so how can we better distinguish the authenticity when we buy and use them?

The easiest way is to use fire, the fake wire will burn quickly with fire, there will be an open flame and smoke, and the real wire will burn slowly, with a small amount of smoke or smoke-free, and no open flame will appear. 

If it is a regular wire product, there will be signs on the insulation layer of the wire, such as wire specification and model, 3C certification, etc. and the writing is clear, generally can not be washed, can not be wiped off, not only that, there is a certificate in the electric coil, certificate There are factory address phone, 3C logo, quality system certification, voltage, wire model specifications.

Steel-cored aluminum stranded wire is made of stranded aluminum wire and steel wire. It is suitable for overhead transmission lines. Of course, steel core aluminum stranded wire has been gradually used in more industries as time goes by. The inside is a steel core, and the outside is wrapped around the steel core by stranding with aluminum wire. The steel core mainly plays the role of increasing strength, and the aluminum strand mainly plays the role of transmitting electric energy.

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