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Introduction of Market Application Characteristics of Steel Core Aluminum Stranded Wire

Steel Core Aluminum Stranded Wire

For some daily life, many people do not use steel-cored aluminum stranded wire, because in our general decoration process, copper core wire is used, such steel core aluminum stranded wire is not used. And the place where it is used is generally some overhead cable, mainly used for high-power transmission of electrical energy.

So now in the entire market, many power companies generally buy steel-cored aluminum stranded wire as the main application of overhead cable. Of course, in some special areas, the application of such steel-cored aluminum stranded wire may be relatively small, but in most areas, it can be applied.

Nowadays, the overhead cable is generally used for steel-cored aluminum stranded wire, because the overall cost of the steel-cored aluminum stranded wire is relatively low, and the transmission speed is relatively fast. The installation is also very simple in the process of overhead.. The general staff can directly install the steel-cored aluminum stranded wire, and there is no need for any complicated procedures. Therefore, the current overhead cable is the steel-cored aluminum stranded wire used.

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