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Specifications for Overhead Insulated Conductors

Overhead Insulated Conductors

The specification of overhead insulated conductors: The overhead insulated conductors are available in aluminum core and copper core. In the distribution network, the application of aluminum core is more, mainly because the aluminum material is lighter and cheaper, the requirements for the line connecting parts and the supporting parts are low, and the original distribution line is mainly made of steel-hearted aluminum stranded wire. The aluminum core wire is used to facilitate connection with the original network. In actual use, aluminum core wire is also used. The copper core wire is mainly used as a down conductor for transformers, switchgear insulation materials. The insulating protective layer of overhead insulated wires is thick insulation (3.4mm) and thin insulation (2.5mm). Thick insulated cables allow frequent contact with trees during operation, and thin insulated cables are only allowed to be in short contact with trees. The insulating protective layer is further divided into cross-linked polyethylene and light polyethylene, and the cross-linked polyethylene has better insulation performance.

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